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"How You Can Earn Royalties from Virtual Property in Seven Days or Less"


You can make 75% commissions on each and every sale.
Yes, that's 75% commission on the initial fee AND the monthly rebilling!


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You get 75% commissions because you can reach people that I couldn't reach otherwise!

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In the example above, you see what the completed PDF looks like.

Now, to build your own...

First, download the Word Version Here (Yes, you must have Word).

Next, replace the four affiliate links with your affiliate links. Also replace Tim's name with your name and his website link with your website link.

Then, convert to PDF (Yes, you would need to have a PDF converter).

Now, you have your own branded version of the 4 Benefits and 4 Secrets to Earning Royalties. Give it away from your website or however you like.

Keyword Lists for Pay Per Click

Use the keyword lists below for your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. I've separated them out into keyword groups to save you time and energy. Just copy and paste into Adwords and other PPC campaigns.

Royalties Related Keywords Below

Income Related Keywords Below

Affiliate Toolbox

Check out these affiliate tools below... (to wrap your Adwords for pay per click) (evaluate A/B split tests for performance) (website, hosting, and 100 video steps to profits)

Aweber (the best Autoresponder for your email list)

More Affiliate Helps Coming Soon ...

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